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Which Way Should My Ceiling Fan Turn?

Look up at your home’s ceiling fans. Do you know what direction they are rotating or which way they should be rotating for the respective time of year?

As much as it may appear to be common sense, plenty of homeowners mistakenly leave their fans turning the wrong way all year. This causes a number of disadvantages, the most important of which serves to counter the purpose of the contraption altogether! Ask the professional Atlanta electricians at Pat Murphy Electric today if you have questions about what type of fans to install in your home. Click here to read more »

Green Lifestyle Tips Part 2: Your Insulation and Water System

Many environmentally conscious homeowners now want their homes to reflect the values they hold regarding preserving the planet and conserving our resources. We couldn?t agree more with this point of view. In fact, as long-time Atlanta electrical contractors, we work hard to help our customers achieve and maintain a green home. Below are some practical tips you can follow to help our planet. Click here to read more »

Green Lifestyle Tips Part 1: Your Home Electrical System

As both commercial and residential electrical contractors, we have encountered an increasing number of customers who want to live a greener, more environmentally friendly lifestyle. This includes not only their food choices like buying organic; it extends to the different systems in their homes as well.

We salute and wholeheartedly support this movement to keep our planet healthy for future generations. We have more than 30 years of experience as Atlanta electricians, and we know that there are several ways that homeowners can make the electrical system in their homes greener. Below are some of them: Click here to read more »

Maintaining Your Home from the Bottom to the Top: Grounding Your Electrical Wiring

Not many homeowners concern themselves with the electrical system in their homes outside of knowing how to reset any tripped circuits. As responsible Atlanta electrical contractors, we never advise our clients to take on any major electrical repairs on their own, even if they are self-proclaimed DIY experts. For safety and legal reasons, only licensed Atlanta electricians should perform work on the electrical system in your Atlanta home.

That said, we do share a variety of information with our customers about how the electrical systems in most homes work. After all, as a homeowner, you should have a basic understanding of how the different systems work to create a safe and comfortable indoor environment for you and your family. If nothing else, the right kind of information about the electrical system in your house will alert you when to call in a licensed residential electrical contractor. Click here to read more »

Get a More In-Depth Look of Your Home with Thermal Imaging

The secret to our longevity in this business is our commitment to delivering exceptional customer service. This is reflected both in terms of the professional performance of our technicians and office staff as well as in our ability and willingness to keep up with the latest technological advances in the industry.

Infrared thermal imaging is an example of a technology that we now use to diagnose the problems of our customers and decide how to best address them. As trusted Atlanta electrical contractors, this technology is simply one more way that we care for our customers. Below is a brief description of this technology and how its use can be beneficial to your comfort and safety. Click here to read more »

Electric Car Charging Stations for Your Home

The future has very much arrived, and technological change is on its heels. What once seemed like science fiction is now a reality.

With the advent of electric cars, consumers are saving fuel and lowering gas and diesel emissions, improving their overall costs and conscientiousness. The final piece of the electric car puzzle is simply convenience. Electric car charging stations are not yet widespread, which is why if you are considering an electric car, you should plan to install an electric station at your residence. Click here to read more »

10 Electrical Don’ts for Your Home

Whether your home is new or old, there could be things wrong with the electrical work that you are unaware of. Oftentimes, these issues are never noticed until someone gets hurt or a fire occurs.

It?s important to have an inspection of your home?s electrical system by one of our experienced Knoxville or Atlanta electrical contractors at least once a year.

Of course, we think an experienced electrical contractor should handle each electrical issue, but here are a few items you should be on the lookout for in your home.

Just be careful, and remember to turn the power off at the source before doing any electrical work! Click here to read more »

Welcome 2015 with a Home Inspection From the Professionals at Pat Murphy Electric

Most people don?t think about the electrical systems in their homes until something goes wrong. If it?s not broke, don?t fix it, right? With electrical outlets and wiring, however, something could be waiting to break, and the results could not only be costly, but dangerous. Both the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the National Fire Protection Agency say that the electrical system in your home should be checked annually. Click here to read more »

Your Home Electrical System Explained

Electricity is something we often take for granted in the home – until something goes wrong, that is. However, your residential electrical system doesn’t have to be a mystery.

This blog will explain the basics of your home electrical system, including what it is, how it works and what can go wrong with it. Should you experience a serious electrical failure in the home, Pat Murphy Electric strongly recommends that you consult a licensed and insured expert to avoid damage to yourself or your home. Click here to read more »

Use a Professional for Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting installations are relatively inexpensive home remodeling projects that can help give your house a fresh new look. Unlike major housing renovations, large-scale construction efforts are not necessary for landscape lighting upgrades. Given the low costs involved and the potentially high rate of return that can be acquired from one of these projects, our Atlanta electricians think you may want to consider setting aside a portion of your remodeling budget to this project. Click here to read more »

How To Spot Electrical Problems

As a homeowner, keeping your family and property protected is priority No. 1. Any issues with your home’s electrical system should thus be resolved as soon as possible due to the high fire hazard risk that faulty wiring and malfunctioning equipment pose. The Atlanta electrical contractors at Pat Murphy Electric want to remind each and every resident of the dangers associated with neglecting your electrical system and to contact a local Atlanta electrician at the first sign of a problem. Click here to read more »

Replace and Upgrade Your Fire Alarms

Fire alarms prevent thousands of fatalities every year and should be inspected and tested on a regular basis. For residential electric service, including fire and smoke alarm testing and assessment, contact the Atlanta electricians at Pat Murphy Electric today. Click here to read more »

Don’t Forget To Get an Electrical Inspection Before Purchasing a Home

The excitement of buying a home often causes inexperienced homeowners to put their blinders on. It is easy to get lost in that perfect property. Despite how good your soon-to-be house may look on the outside, the Atlanta electricians at Pat Murphy Electric want to remind you that you should be aware of the structure’s condition before signing on the dotted line. Click here to read more »

Extension Cord Safety Tips

Thank goodness for extension cords. When you need extra footage to power a lamp, outdoor radio or lawn and garden equipment, this trusty product is there to make the job easier! Although they are convenient, extension cords are too often misused and abused by homeowners as well as some inexperienced residential electrical contractors.

These cords are not meant to be permanent replacements, nor should you leave them running for long periods of time. This applies regardless of the wire’s thickness (gauge) and safety rating. Remember, no plug-in device has the equivalent level of protection as your home’s main electrical system. With repeated use, the condition of these cords can become progressively worse, despite the quality of their construction. Our Atlanta electricians wish to pass on these tips from The Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) to help you use extension cords safely and correctly. Click here to read more »

Tell Me About My Circuit Breaker: Part 2

Now that we have discussed what causes circuit breakers to trip, we will address how to fix the problem the right way. A word of caution: Any and all residential electrical service work is best left to a licensed Atlanta electrical contractor. Despite how simple the job may seem, it is never wise to risk the chance of electrical shock or electrocution. Click here to read more »

Tell Me About My Circuit Breaker: Part 1

Your home’s circuit breakers have a very important job: to transfer and regulate the residential electric service coming into your house to its respective points of contact. Everything from your light switches to your refrigerator to your central AC is controlled by the main control panel. Tripped breakers are not uncommon, particularly in older houses that feature outdated wiring or have modern load demands that exceed what the fuse panel can safely accommodate. Click here to read more »

What To Look for in a Backup Generator

It is an unfortunate yet unsurprising fact that few homeowners have a backup generator on hand in case of a power outage or emergency. Many people assume that when their electricity goes out, it will be restored within a short period of time, thereby making a generator seem like an unnecessary expense. Our Atlanta electrical contractors advise the installation of a backup, even if it is a small one. Click here to read more »

Don’t Overload Your Outlets This Holiday Season

Responsible homeowners are aware that the electrical system in their house needs proper and regular maintenance. The safety of their family and property depends on it. During the holiday season in particular, homeowners should pay even greater attention to their electrical systems. As experienced residential electrical contractors, we know that more house fires occur during the holidays than at any other time of the year. Keep the following tips in mind as you light up your house this holiday season and enjoy a safe and joyful holiday celebration. Click here to read more »

Prepare Your Home for a Power Outage

We have more than 30 years of experience and expertise as commercial and residential electrical contractors in the Peach State. In that time, we have fielded all types of questions from our customers, including what to do during prolonged power outages. With severe storms and other intense weather patterns hitting Atlanta, this concern becomes increasingly real with each passing year.

As seasoned Atlanta electricians, we know how much of our daily lives depend on having a steady current supply. To avoid costly interruptions to your power supply during extreme weather conditions, we highly recommend purchasing a stand-by generator. Click here to read more »

Are You Constantly Resetting Your Circuit Breakers?

As long-time residential electrical contractors in Atlanta, we have encountered and solved almost every imaginable household electrical problem. At this time of the year when electrical use typically spikes, we’d like to remind you to pay extra attention to your circuit breakers. Click here to read more »

Holiday Decoration Safety Tips

The holiday season is upon us, so we?d like to share with you some important safety reminders about lighting at this time of the year. As you string up lights on your tree and all around your house and put up decorations, keep in mind the precautions below. As long-time residential electrical contractors, we always have the safety of your family and property as our top priority. Click here to read more »

Tips for Preventing Electrical Shock

In our more than 30 years of experience as a successful electrical contractor in Atlanta, Ga., we have shared many useful and life-saving tips with our customers regarding electrical safety. As residential and commercial electricians, we value the welfare of our customers and work hard to ensure the safety of the electrical systems in their homes and businesses. Below are five practical tips on how to protect yourself and others from accidentally experiencing an electrical shock. Click here to read more »

What Is the Best Lighting for Outdoor Kitchens?

Alfresco dining is a summer ritual for many American families. The longer days invite adults and children alike to linger outdoors and savor the warm summer breeze before crisp autumn air blows in. If you have an outdoor kitchen, you know firsthand how much fun outdoor dining can be. To ensure the safety and comfort of your family and guests, be sure to provide adequate lighting throughout your outdoor cooking and eating areas.

As seasoned Atlanta electricians, we know the importance of good lighting. We have more than 30 years of experience in delivering reliable residential and commercial electrical service to Atlanta and Knoxville residents. Below are some useful lighting tips to make your outdoor summer meals enjoyable and safe. Click here to read more »

Safety Tips for a Power Outage

The strong winds and torrential rains that come with thunderstorms not only cause damage and rising flood waters in its wake but also can also result in power outages. As a long-time Atlanta electrical contractor, we have shared many insights with our customers concerning power outages that have proved to be highly beneficial to them. Read on below to learn some of those useful tips. Click here to read more »

Consumed Energy from Turned Off Appliances

When you turn off an electrical appliance, it would make sense for it to not use any power, but our residential electrical contractors note that many of our electronics actually continue to use electricity when they are turned off. Click here to read more »

Tips for Rewiring an Older Home

Many older homes were built before electricity was commonly used, and even more were built before home owners had a variety of electrical appliances that needed constant streams of high-wattage electrical power. Even homes that were built in the 1980s are often poorly equipped to handle modern computers, refrigerators and televisions. It’s no wonder that so many owners of older homes opt to have their homes rewired shortly after they move in. Click here to read more »

Maintaining Your Generator

Electric generators are extremely handy, especially if you have to go several hours or longer without power or if you are in a remote location. However, they do need regular maintenance so that they can work properly when the time comes for them to produce electricity for your home or business. Our commercial electrical contractors have a few tips on how to maintain your generator throughout the year.

Have It Serviced Twice Annually

Even if you don’t use your generator often, you should have it on a regular, twice annual schedule for service. Many of our residential electrical services clients choose to schedule these maintenance visits during the spring and fall so that their generators will be able to provide power during summer storms and winter freezes.

Regular Maintenance Checks

In between your scheduled service calls, you will need to check on your generator to ensure that it’s in working order. Checking the fuel supply is the most crucial of these checks, but you should also take a moment to check that the spark plugs are in good shape and that the lubricating oil is at the appropriate levels. If you are concerned about anything during these checks, feel free to call one of our Atlanta electricians to have them check out the issue.

Start the Generator Regularly

The best way to make sure your generator is working properly is to start it up every so often and let it run for a moment. Most newer model generators have a feature called “exercise mode,” which allows you to schedule these regular start ups while simultaneously performing an automatic diagnostic and engine check. Exercise mode typically is designed to run once a week. This keeps you from having to remember to start the generator on a schedule, and it keeps you aware of any issues that may arise.

Ultimately, the best way to keep your generator maintained properly is to discuss the maintenance schedule your model needs with one of our Pat Murphy Electric electricians in Atlanta. We can get you on a regular service schedule, teach you about the maintenance checks that you can perform yourself, help you with how to schedule your generator’s exercise mode and explain the results of your diagnostic and engine checks so that you can fully understand whether there is an issue with your machine.

Call us today or schedule an appointment through our website to get your generator in proper operating condition.

Lightning Tips to Stay Safe in Your Home

The Southeast is well-known for its frequent afternoon thunderstorms during the spring and summer. These electrical storms cost homeowners across the region millions of dollars in property damages and medical costs in part because homeowners do not know how to handle the potential for lightning properly. Based on our years of experience in residential electrical service, we have some tips to help keep you, your family and your valued possessions safe when a storm is brewing. Click here to read more »

Tips on Saving Electricity and Lowering Your Bill

One of the questions our residential electrical services technicians most frequently receive is, “How can I save electricity?” Most people want to lower their electric bill and want to help to save energy to be a little more environmentally friendly. We have a few favorite tips on how you can save big money each year on your bill by just taking a few easy steps. Click here to read more »

Reducing Storm-Related Outages

Spring and summer are storm season throughout the Southeast. It sometimes seems like there will be a thunderstorm every day for weeks, and with each of those hurly-burlies comes the risk of customers losing power because of the storm.

Our commercial electrical contractors know that utility companies are doing everything they can to reduce these storm-related outages, but these efforts aren’t widely known or understood by members of the public. We want to help everyone to understand the efforts that are made to reduce storm-related outages and to learn about further efforts that can be made. Click here to read more »

Is Your Circuit Breaker Working Properly?

All of the power outlets in your home are fed from a single source of electricity that starts at the breaker panel, also commonly known as the control panel, circuit breaker or breaker box. This device is what downgrades the electricity coming from the power lines on your street to a load your home can handle, or the standard 120/240 volts. Older homes used to have fuses instead of circuit breakers, but these units are ill-equipped to handle the demands of modern-day living.

Click here to read more »

Electric Switch Types

Electrical switches are not created equal, though to the naked eye they often appear so. These are what activate the energy source coming into your house, thus powering every electronic device you own. It is amazing that something as simple as the flick of a switch is all it takes to live in the new age.

Click here to read more »

Electrical Wiring Is Best Left to the Pros

These days, it’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t consider themselves a DIY home improvement expert of some sort or another. Unfortunately, some of these “experts” believe that they know how to wire houses and other structures for electricity?and that is a dangerous belief.

Click here to read more »

Anatomy of the Electrical Plug

We see and use electrical plugs every day in our homes, but most people do not actually know how they are able to transfer electricity from a socket to the device we?re trying to use. Our Atlanta electricians believe that electrical safety starts with knowledge about electrical devices and there is no better place to begin than with the ubiquitous electrical plug.

Click here to read more »

Extension Cords Dos and Don’ts

Most homes today have extension cords of one kind or another and, unfortunately, a lot of those homes use them unsafely. Our Atlanta electricians understand there probably won?t be a safety inspector popping in for a random inspection of your home any time soon, but at the same time, we feel that it?s important to know what to do and what not to do with extension cords to ensure that you, your family and your electronics are safe.

Click here to read more »

Understanding How a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Works

Since 1971, the National Electrical Code (NEC) has required the installation of ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) in a greater number of areas. Prior to this date, only construction sites and dwelling unit bathrooms were required to have GFCIs. NEC expanded the list to include commercial as well as industrial buildings, swimming pools, temporary installations and many more.

Click here to read more »

Shocking Electrical Safety Tips

Having been successful and highly dependable electrical contractors in Atlanta since 1982, we at Pat Murphy Electric take great pride in being recognized in the industry as a provider of high-quality residential and commercial electrical services.

You are most susceptible to an electrical fire due in the months of December and January due to increased use of your heating system, kitchen appliances and lights. Relying on our many years of experience in the field, we want to offer some safety tips on how to avoid common causes of electrical fires or problems in your home this winter. Click here to read more »